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Just want to tell you that you have an excellent crew who was able to deliver a first class service. All of the crew was professional, polite and very nice gentlemen.

I have troops of over 370 officers working for me in the office and your crew is as good as my officers. If I were you, I would feel very proud of them. Please pass my compliments to them and let the Boss know as well.


Import Customs information

Used household goods may be imported duty and tax free provided the shipper is Korean citizen or has a long term visa on his/her passport and provided the items are considered to be necessary and in an appropriate amount. New items are subject to duties. Holders of short-term visas will be charged duties on "most used" items such as appliances, golf and ski equipment, and high value items, but clothing and daily necessities may be imported duty free. Household goods cannot be cleared prior to the owner's arrival in Korea. Household goods should arrive at the Korean port six (6) months of the shipper's arrival.

Korean customs do not allow port-to-door delivery of a loose load container. It must be unloaded at the customs bonded warehouse and inspected. After customs clearance, the goods will be transported to the residence by truck.

For Foreigners with a Working Permit

A person accompanied by his/her family intending to reside in Korea for a period of at least one year is not subject to duties/taxes on used goods. For a person not accompanied by his/her family, the required minimum length of stay is two years.

• Original passport(s) for the entire family
• Alien Residence Card(copy)
• Employee Certification

For returning Korean

A person accompanied by his/her family who has stayed abroad for a period of at least one year is not required to pay duties/taxes on used goods. For a person not accompanied by his/her family, the required minimum length of having stayed abroad is two years.
The shipper who has Korean Citizenship is required to be present during the customs inspection.
Original passport(s) for the entire family

Prohibited Goods
Medicines (without prescription),

etc. are prohibited.

Rifles can only be imported with a special permission granted by relevant Korean authorities. However, the procedure of customs clearance is rather complex and troublesome. We recommend to exclude those from a shipment of household goods in order to avoid foreseeable inconveniences.

liquors and wine
Liquors and wine are basically subject to customs duties and taxes. In regard to liquors and wine, please contact us in advance for more information Quarantine for dogs, cats, birds etc.

Importation of dogs, cats, birds etc. requires quarantine procedures. The procedure is completed with the insurance of an Animal health Certificate showing that the animal had been kept in quarantine for the required period in Korea. The period is usually ten days, however, an animal imported from a rabies-free area is kept for only one day in quarantine.

Documents required for quarantine are: the air way bill or a baggage ticket, and an animal health certificate issued by the government of the exporting country, certifying that rabies vaccination was performed less than thirty days prior to arrival of the animal of the animal in Korea.

Importation of Automobiles

• Automobiles,
• Motorcycles,
• Boats
• Aircraft

Are dutiable. All automobiles are subject to rather high duties and taxes(unless shipper has diplomatic/military status). The automobile must have been used by the shipper more than six(6) months before shipment to Korea. To prove ownership and age of the vehicle, the following documents are required;

• Registration
• Title
• Insurance policy
• Purchase receipt

If the automobile is Korean-made and has been used for more than six(6) months after the local registration, it will not be subject to import duties. But if the Korean brand automobile was manufactured outside Korea, it will subject to duties and taxes.

Each item exceeding USD 1,500 in value does not qualify for duty free importation, even if it is used.
The following are examples for duties on some items:
Cars 30-40 % of invoice value
Electronic appliances 30-40 %
Cameras & Video cameras 20-60 %
Food (if in excess) 20 %
Pianos 35 %
Carpets 20 %
Crystal ware 20 %
High value furniture 35%
Golf sets 70 %
Ski sets 50 %

These rates are not including any special tax on luxury items, deferens tax etc.


  • Health and Rabies Inoculation Certificates required (must show proof that vaccination was administered at least 30 days prior to flight)
  • Quarantine of 30 days required unless imported from a rabies free country, then only a one day quarantine is required
  • Documents required:
    • Passport of owner and family

 Note - Custom regulations of South Korea are subject to change without notice.

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