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I must give you a positive feedback of the packing and movement of our goods from Hong Kong to Pune in India. The FTC people did a good and efficient job in Hong Kong and your partners in Mumbai also did a good job of clearing in Mumbai, Moving to Pune and unpacking at our house in Pune.

Thank you and keep up the good work.

Vivek Tamhane
Comprehensive Personal Mover Planner
Items to complete before FTC professional packers arrive:
  • Clearly identify your belongings from those of your landlord.
  • Clearly identify what you will ship from what you will leave behind.
  • Clearly identify what you want to send by air vs. by sea (if you have both).
  • Clearly identify what you want to put into storage.
  • Clearly separate:
  • Passports

  • Marriage/Birth Certificates
  • Prescription drugs

  • Jewellery

  • School records

And any other documents that you may need immediately upon your arrival in your new country from the items that you want packed.
  • Back up your personal computers.
  • Notify your landlord or building superintendent of your packing date.
  • Complete your valuation of your personal belongings, with separate listings for:
  • Make a copy of your passport.
  • Complete the customs form if applicable.
  • Complete the customer instruction form.
Items to complete in general when moving to a new country.
  • Notify Service provider of your departure and give a forwarding address.
  • Banks

  • Embassies or consulates

  • Credit card companies

  • Clubs

  • Lawyers

  • Schools

  • Post office

  • Landlords
  • Insurance companies

  • Unity companies

  • Cable television providers

  • Mobile phone provider

  • Local internet provider

  • Hospitals

  • Magazine and newspaper subscriptions

  • Inland Revenue Department
  • Update your international drivers license.
  • Obtain medical records from doctors and dentists.
  • Take passport photographs for each member of your family.
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