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Thanks so much for doing such a splendid job with our move. I think all boxes will be emptied by today/tomorrow so that the boxes (the ones that didn't get wet in yesterday's rain!) can be picked up. I would also like to know if someone from the company could hang some pictures, curtain rails etc (your advertisement says that you do such things) and how much I might expect this to cost.

Moving your business to a new location creates a routine disruption for everybody in your organization. Time and energy can be wasted, not just during the move but long afterwards, if an organized, professional approach is not taken.

Pre-Move Evaluation:
It is with this understanding and empathy that our professional move consultant will assist you to evaluate and plan your move. Time constraints, logistic obstacles, and special packaging requirements are evaluated and addressed in advance. Building management requirements are solicited and factored into the plan. Our proposal will detail a moving scheme that prioritizes your needs within the logistic parameters well face. A partnership approach is the key to any successful office move. Our professional move consultant will meet with your staff, if you so authorize, to offer advice on how each employee can best organize and label his or her work station. Pre-move date organization is essential, and for us, it is an integral part of a successful move.

Flexibility during the Move:
We accept that schedule adjustments may be needed from time to time as the move commences. Your business is still in motion; we understand this and work with you to find solutions to any changes that may occur. Our supervisors are not only experienced at protecting and transporting your office assets, they understand that each office move is a fluid process. They are flexible to your needs.

Moving Protection:
Blanket pads, various size cartons and other re-usable materials are utilized to keep the expense of the move in check and to avoid undue waste. Color coded stickers are used for organization. Our international packaging materials are used for protecting extremely valuable and fragile items.

Packing Expertise:
We utilize only full time packers and supervisors to move your office. No casual laborers. Depending on the size of your office move, there may be more than one team assigned. The team supervisors will work in harmony to keep the move on time and without confusion.

Delivery Expertise:
We understand that it is imperative for your office to be up and running as quickly as possible. At your old site, we labeled to ensure that when we arrive at your new premise, items are placed according to plan. Your staff's items will be placed at their respective work stations or offices. Also, care is taken to ensure your new office looks new when we leave. We will return as needed to remove our packing debris right after the move and ensure that any and all moving issues are signed off and complete to your satisfaction.

In sum, we are committed to minimizing the disruption that an office move can cause. As your partner in this brief endeavor, we offer experience, expertise, understanding, modern equipment, and most important, flexibility to ensure a successful move.
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